Business Partners

Restore Taranaki encourages local businesses to contribute positively to the community they live and work in. By becoming a Business Partner, your business can truly make a difference in our region.

Who Can Get Involved?

Any business that is passionate about Restoring Taranaki.

Big businesses, small businesses, or anything in between. If you are passionate about the small changes your business can make, then we would love to have you join the initiative.

What Does It Mean?

Proves that you are serious about protecting your region by joining the Restore Taranaki Initiative. By sharing the small changes you are making in your business and beyond, you can begin to mobilise the community for change.

As a corporate friend you will have exclusive access to promotional opportunities and activities, including co-hosting Restore Taranaki events, and highlighting the ways your business is restoring Taranaki. You will have an opportunity to promote discounted services and products to members.

During the year, there will be informal networking opportunities at a variety of events to engage with our members. You can also advertise in our promotional material and potentially apply for the Restore Taranaki Community Grant.

How You Can Make A Difference

Your business strengths can help our region be an amazing place to live. New Zealand is changing. There is an increased awareness for the need to look after the environment and to protect our clean, green image before it is gone for good.

Fly your environmental flag, align your brand with a life-changing movement, and help Restore Taranaki.

Our Corporate Friends

We would love to introduce you to these extraordinary businesses…