The Initiative

Our Vision

Our vision is that, by 2050, Taranaki will be restored.

That means we will enjoy living in harmony with our many native species who remain safe in their natural habitats. From land to sea Taranaki will be flourishing without the threat of invasive plant and animal pests animal and plant pests. Our waterways will flow with fresh, clean water and the environmental economy will be booming.

In short, Taranaki will be an idyllic place to live – a true embodiment of New Zealand’s clean and green image.

The Problems

We are faced with four major problems:

  1. A Lack of Community Awareness – The regional community currently lacks the awareness and resources to take action. There is little visibility for what we are trying to achieve and how the community can make a difference.
  2. Threat To Our Native Wildlife – The future is uncertain for Taranaki’s native species. Many of their natural habitats have been lost and fragmented and they live with the constant threat of predatory animals.
  3. Our Natural Ecosystems on the Land Are Under Threat – Vegetation clearance has largely contributed to the decline of many of our coastal and lowland areas.
  4. Decline of Our Freshwater Waterways – Many freshwater species and their habitats are in decline and the situation will continue to intensify if action is not taken now.

The Solution

Many of our members have already begun great work to correct the problems our region faces. But so much more needs to be done to truly achieve our vision.

The first step is to raise awareness in local communities. That any one person really can make a difference. If we can all make small changes in our own backyards, we can significantly impact the future of our region.

Check out the small changes you can start making today here.

How To Get Involved

We need the support of the entire community – right from the smallest child to the biggest businesses. Have a look how you can get involved here.