About Restore Taranaki

About Restore Taranaki

Restore Taranaki is a region-wide initiative which brings together a collaboration of over 40 local organisations. We are dedicated and united with a shared vision that by 2050, Taranaki will be restored.

It is a community driven restoration project facilitated by Wild for Taranaki. United in their goal, individuals, groups and organisations in our community come together to carry out conservation work, and collaborate together as members.

Our 4 Goals

Together, we are working to protect and enhance the region’s unique native plants and animals, and their ecosystems. We are united in our passion to see Taranaki Restored through the four goals we are working towards…

  1. Engaging the Taranaki Community to Take Action – Everybody has a role to play. The whole community needs to help us Restore Taranaki. We are undertaking the biggest conservation project New Zealand has ever seen. Collectively, Taranaki can show the rest of the world this can be done.
  2. Restoring the Sound and Movement of our Taranaki Wildlife – We will provide predator free habitats to support increased populations of native birds, lizards, bats, and insects. This will ensure future generations get to experience our amazing native wildlife.
  3. Restoring the Cloak of Taranaki – Restoring and connecting native habitats will ensure a safe home for our native species. It will also mean that we can have healthy, clean air and water, and minimal erosion.
  4. Restoring the Fresh Water of Taranaki – Our large freshwater network supports life in our region. It sustains the environment, people, and our economy. Removing invasive introduced species and reducing contaminants, will restore clean waterways for our community and aquatic life.

Why these goals?

We are excited about the initiative as it is the first of this scale in New Zealand. Never before has a whole region undertaken such a large scale restoration project.

We have selected these specific goals as we see them as a way to make the most significant impact and change. We want Taranaki to be rejuvenated and enjoyed by many generations to come.

Our Members

We are incredibly lucky to have such dedicated members. There are some members who have already been hard at work for over two decades, achieving great things for our region.

Without them, the task ahead of us today would be a much harder one. We want to recognise their foresight and passion for our waterways, wildlife, plants and the environment that surrounds us. Their ability to take action has truly made a difference.

Meet our members and read about their projects here.